Helping with complex issues of sexuality & gender • Finding identity in Christ alone

Speaking & Teaching


New Beginning Support Ministry offers a speakers bureau to local church bodies, high school & college campuses, and other organizations. Staff and volunteers who have struggled with issues related to sexuality and gender as well as family members who have dealt with these issue firsthand, will share their personal testimonies. Our staff, who specialize in the issue of sexuality and related issues, will speak in seminar and workshop formats teaching on specific issues to help educate the body of Christ on this complex issue. We believe this helps the body of Christ to develop compassion and learn to love others in a way that brings honor to God and leads others to a desire for a relationship with Jesus Christ. There are so many people who are dealing with issues related to sexuality and gender today. They are hurting and desperately need to know that Jesus loves them and wants them as part of His family.

Types of Speaking Services:

Worship Service TestimonyChurch Partners
Lunch & Learn Sessions for youth workers
Breakfast Training and Q&A for pastors & leaders

Workshop/Seminar Topics:
How Parenting Impacts Gender Identity
Loving your Gay Neighbor
Counseling and Mentoring Persons with Same-Sex Attractions/GID
Understanding Where Homosexuality Comes from. Nature or Nurture?
Ministering & Walking with Families Impacted by Homosexuality
How Should the Church Respond to the Issue of Homosexuality?
Homosexuality: The Social Issue of Our Generation

Special Events:
Periodically New Beginning Support Ministry will offer conferences and weekend retreats to help educate, equip and reach out in a more comprehensive way. Check our Events page for specific details.