Helping with complex issues of sexuality & gender • Learning to live by Jesus design



Counseling 2Our lay-counselors are caring individuals who understand the complexities of sexuality and gender identity issues. They understand because they have personal experience in these areas as well.

We have found that clients who engage in both counseling and support group involvement, tend to have less anxiety as they learn to surrender their lives to God. They also grow more quickly in their relationship with Jesus. We work at your pace to help you discover who you are and who He is. It is also our goal to help you come to truly accept and love yourself, as He created you, as well as the love and grace your Creator has for you, in a way that brings abundant life and freedom. We are all gifted in many ways, and we love helping others uncover and learn how to use those talents and gifts in the life you have been given.

We also offer lay counseling services for parents and other family members to assist you in understanding your loved one and this complex issue. It is our desire to help you grow in healthy, loving relationship with them. We also meet with Pastors and other church staff to answer questions and help problem solve specific situations related to sexuality and gender identity issues that you may be facing in your church body.

Whatever your situation, we consider it a privilege to get to know you and walk this journey with you. Won’t you call today and let us help? Skype and Phone Counseling also offered.


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