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Daughter of the King by Emily Kellogg

I grew up in a Christian and loving home. My dad worked for a Christian company as an editor. My mom worked at the Christian school where my older sister and I attended. I had a wonderful childhood. My family had a lot of fun traditions for the holidays and birthdays. I was always in […]

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My Story by Tiffany Blackwell

For years my mother’s testimony was only a click away on my computer and yet for years I refused to even glance at it for fear of realizing that it was a very large part of mine. I was born into this world to an unwed 16 year old preacher’s daughter. This of course made […]

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A Mother’s Surrender

There’s a small, yellow piece of lined notebook paper on the bulletin board above my desk with just two words on it. It used to hang on a smaller board in my bedroom, a visual reminder of what God was calling me to practice not only in my life but foremost in my heart. I […]

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A Father’s Story

It has been nearly 12 years since our son, Ted, disclosed to us shortly after graduating from HS that he had been struggling with homosexual feelings since he was a young teen. This past autumn while on a vacation, my wife and I began working on our testimony. In reviewing the events of that first […]

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My Journey Home by Barbara Hutchins

When I reminisce about my childhood through adult eyes, I suppose my parents did the best they could with what they hadbeen dealt in life. I know they made some really bad choices but they came from extremely dysfunctional families, were riddled with alcohol and pill addiction, got married young, and had four small children […]

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His Righteous Son by Andrew Whitmire

I came to know the Lord at 5 years old and even then, I felt out of place. While at recess, I was watching the boys play basketball and thought, “I can’t go up there; I don’t belong.” I see now that was the beginning of my developmental problems. I understood that Jesus died for […]

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My Girl, His Girl by Meleah Allard

I’m a Pastor’s daughter, and I walked down the aisle of Calvary Baptist Church asking Jesus to be my Savior when I was 9 years old. As a child I loved attending church, singing in the choir and being part of my youth group. I even went on a mission trip at 14. However, my […]

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